9 Great YouTube Channels for Social Studies

I am super excited to share some amazing YouTube channels that can really boost your social studies lessons.

Whether you’re a teacher looking for cool content to show your students or a student wanting to learn more, these channels have got you covered.

They cover everything from economics and history to geography, civics, and sociology.

9. Alternate HistoryHub

How about exploring history from an alternate perspective, asking questions like “What if things had taken a different course?”

For instance, what if World War II never happened? What if America lost the Revolution? What if Reagan was never president?

Alternate HistoryHub features educational “what if” videos that engage students in debating historical topics from a critically different perspective.

8. NowThis World

NowThis World features topical explainers covering issues from all around the globe.

The channel gets into current international news stories, highlights powerful countries and ideologies, and covers news on influential leaders and ongoing global conflicts.

7. Geography Now

Geography Now offers educational video content on world geography.

The goal of the channel is to “cover profiles on every single country of the world,” which is an amazing achievement.

The playlists cover the geography of countries in Europe, Africa, East and South Asia, Central and Western Asia, South America, North and Central America, and Oceania.

6. Mr. Beat’s Social Studies Channel

This social studies channel is created by a teacher named Mr. Beat, who provides a wide variety of video content related to social studies.

He makes engaging educational videos and incorporates music into almost all of them, making the learning experience even more enjoyable.

5. TED-Ed

I am a big fan of TED-Ed and TED, and I’ve been recommending their work to teachers and parents since their launch around 2012.

TED-Ed features videos created by teachers and students, illustrated by professional artists, tackling various topics and learning issues.

You can even create your own TED Ed-style videos to share with your students.

The TED-Ed YouTube channel is home to hundreds of educational videos, making it an ideal resource for social studies classes.

4. RealLifeLore

RealLifeLore is another fascinating social studies YouTube channel. It offers short, informative videos covering numerous topics, including history, demography, geography, aviation, space, oceans, natural disasters, and more.

The channel also features video answers to various challenging questions, organized into playlists such as Insane Plans, Unsolved Mysteries, Extreme Survival Stories, Real Life Game of Thrones, Weird Stories, Bad Geography Issues, Danger Demography, and others.

3. National Geographic

You can’t go wrong with National Geographic, one of the best YouTube channels for helping students explore and learn about our planet and beyond.

Drawing on the expertise of world-class scientists, photographers, journalists, and filmmakers, Nat Geo offers unique educational content ideal for use in the classroom.

Topics covered include the cosmos, animals, oceans, world geography, the solar system, science, and many more.

2. Khan Academy

Khan Academy is another fantastic YouTube channel for social studies and beyond. It offers educational video content specifically designed to help students elevate their learning.

Some of its social studies playlists include American Civics, The Postwar Era (1945-1980), Rise to World Power, The Civil War Era, World History, Earth Geological and Climatic History, Aggregate Demand and Aggregate Supply, Income and Expenditure, Inflation, Basic Economics Concepts, The Monetary System, and many more.

1. CrashCourse

CrashCourse is an amazing educational YouTube channel that offers a wide range of video content, covering topics from biology to history.

Designed for both students and teachers, it’s a great resource to boost classroom learning and enhance comprehension.

Some of its social studies playlists include US Government and Politics, Psychology, Economics, Intellectual Property, Sociology, Geography, Public Health, Outbreak Science, Linguistics, and more.

Bottom Line

I hope this collection of social studies YouTube channels proves useful for enhancing your teaching materials or expanding your personal knowledge.

These channels offer a wide range of content that covers various aspects of social studies, including economics, history, geography, and civics.

They provide valuable resources that bring complex concepts to life through engaging and informative videos.

Explore these channels to discover new ways to integrate them into your teaching or learning process.