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UREC Earth Day Zoominar: Outdoor Stewardship

In celebration of Earth Day 2020, UREC’s Adventure Education held a “Zoominar” on the importance of keeping our Earth safe and healthy. This zoominar covers basics of recreating in the outdoors responsibly, Leave No Trace, responsible social media use, advocacy, and recreation during COVID-19.



UREC Water Safety Tips: Life Jackets

During the summer, many kids enjoy spending time in the pool. In our first episode of Water Safety Tips, Troy, the Assistant Director of Aquatics at UREC, discusses water safety with life jackets. He explains how to properly fit for life jackets, the benefits of having them, and what to look for when shopping.

UREC Water Safety Tips: Holds & Supports

In our third episode, Troy demonstrates three different holds to use to help make your child more comfortable in the water. The three holds are the hug hold, shoulder hold, and the cuddle hold.

Water Safety Tips: Entries & Exits

During the summer, many kids enjoy spending time in the pool. In our second episode, proper pool entries on the stairs and ladder are demonstrated. Troy also shares ways to make entries into the pool fun, which is the most important thing of all.

Water Safety Tips: Face Submersion & Breath Controls

In our fourth episode, Troy reviews how to make blowing bubbles, bobbing, and object retrieval fun for your little ones. This lesson will continue to prepare your little tiger for feeling safe while in water.


Fitness & Wellness

Q & A With Emily Caire,Registered Dietitian LSU Student Health Center

Emily Caire of the LSU Health Center teams up with the LSU UREC Fitness team to answer questions about nutrition and healthy eating at home.

Stay at Home Trainer Tips: Making a Sandbag

During this COVID-19 crisis requiring gyms to be closed, it may be hard to find the right equipment to use at home. Today we have one of UREC’s personal trainers, Alex, show us how to make a “sandbag” at home.

Stay at Home Trainer Tips: Structuring a Day with Workouts

If you are having a hard time figuring out when to fit working out into your schedule, Joseph has a few tips for you!

Stay at Home Trainer Tips with Charlend

We’ve been giving you videos on staying active at home, but sometimes we need some extra trips on how to get the most of our workouts. Charlend has a few tips for pre and post workout!


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