Membership Discounts

Program 60

Program 60 provides qualifying members age 60 or older a 20% discount off the purchase of a UREC membership. The individual must present a photo ID, with date of birth, at the time of purchase.

Emeritus Membership

The Emeritus Membership is offered to retired faculty and staff, with 10 or more years of service to LSU. It provides qualifying individuals the ability to purchase a membership at the current faculty/staff rate. Furthermore, individuals will qualify for a corresponding discount based on their years of service to the University. The patron must present a photo ID and proof of service at LSU, to include year’s employed, at the time of purchase.

  • 10-19 years of service at LSU = 10% discount
  • 20-29 years of service at LSU = 15% discount
  • 30+ years of service at LSU = 20% discount

Note: Individuals can only apply for one discount (i.e. one cannot utilize both Program 60 and Emeritus discounts concurrently). Discounts apply to UREC membership only. Purchase of other UREC programs or services are not valid for these discounts.