Guest and Day Passes

Any individual who wishes to utilize UREC facilities or programs must be a current UREC member or purchase a guest/day pass regardless of age.

Guest Passes

  • UREC members are allowed up to three (3) guests per day at the rate of $10 per guest.
    • Guest Passes can be purchases at either Operations Desk for $10 per day. Both guest and sponsor must be present to purchase a guest pass. All guest pass policies and guidelines apply.
  • Individuals and guests must present a valid government-issued photo ID in order to purchase a day pass and upon entry.  Acceptable identification includes: state-issued ID, passport, military ID, and college student ID.

Day Passes

  • Anyone eligible for an UREC membership may purchase a day pass at $10 per day with valid photo identification.
    Should Identification be falsified in any way, individuals can be banned from LSU UREC facilities and programs for life.
  • Lod Cook Hotel & Conference Center or Faculty Club
    Individuals staying at either the Lod Cook Hotel & Conference Center or Faculty Club are allowed entry with the purchase of the $10 day pass by presenting a room key or room receipt.
  • LSU Family Association
    Members of the LSU Family Association receive two (2) complementary day passes per academic year and are eligible to purchase a UREC membership at the affiliate rate. Those who visit campus less frequently and would like access to UREC facilities can purchase a daily pass for just $10 per person by showing their current Family Association membership card. The Family Association member must be present to be eligible for this offer and will be required to present a photo id (driver’s license, government-issued ID).