Meet the Trainers

Meet the Trainers

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Char Howard

  • Field of Study: PhD Kinesiology Motor Behavior
    Area of Specialty: Athletic Conditioning, Olympic Lifting, Functional Training, Strength Training, TRX, Cycle
    Certifications: Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, NETA Indoor Cycling, Boxmaster, Master’s in Human Performance Training
    Fitness Philosophy: Everyone is an athlete. My goal is to get you to achieve every aspect of performance through specific muscular adaption. This muscular adaption will not only help you reach your fitness goals, but also improve your functional movement patterns to reduce injury and increase quality of life.
    I love working at UREC because I get to continue my career helping individuals reach their fitness goals.

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Gabby Gilmore

  • Field of Study: Biochemistry and Nutrition
    Area of Specialty: HIIT, Hardcore, Strength
    Certifications: ACE Group Fitness Instructor and ACE Personal Training
    Fitness Philosophy: My goal is to help others reach their fitness goals by giving them the tools and knowledge to do so.
    I love working at UREC because it allows me to follow my passion for fitness and share this passion with the LSU community.

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Mia Bowman

  • Field of Study: Sports Admin
    Area of Specialty: Muay Thai, Metabolic Conditioning, Athletic Conditioning, Mind/Body
    Certifications: ACE Personal Training
    Fitness Philosophy: Our bodies are our gardens- our wills are our gardeners.
    I love working at UREC because health and wellness are a great passion of mine, and to be a personal trainer at LSU UREC allows me the opportunity to be a professional resource for others to reach their goals.

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Alejandro Cojo

  • Field of Study: Finance and IT Management
    Area of Specialty: Running, Athletic Strength, Athletic Conditioning, Boxing/Kickboxing
    Certifications: ACE Personal Training
    Fitness Philosophy: Stay consistent and challenging yourself to achieve new goals.
    I love working at UREC because I get to share my passion of fitness with others in an amazing facility.

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Jacob Routier

  • Field of Study: Industrial Engineering
    Area of Specialty: Running and Conditioning
    Certifications: ACE Personal Training
    Fitness Philosophy: Working hard everyday towards fitness and health goals is a great way to improve oneself, while also learning and growing in the process.
    I love working at UREC because I wanted to be part of the UREC team since freshman year. The environment here is great for workouts and growing.

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Jordan Sparkman

  • Field of Study: Kinesiology Human Movement Science
    Area of Specialty:General Fitness and Running
    Certifications:ACE Personal Training
    Fitness Philosophy:Fitness is something that should be a lifestyle. Something you can live day to day and not stress about in order to remain healthy.
    I love working at UREC becauseit is a great facility and extremely professional.