Meet the Trainers

Meet the Trainers

Alexandra Amadeo headshot

Alexandra Amadeo

Push yourself to the limit…then to five more reps.

Ragan Benton headshot

Ragan Benton

My elbows are double jointed and I have trained them to look straight.

Braeden McCutchan headshot

Braeden McCutchan

I eat chicken everyday, and feel weak without it.

Neil Murren headshot

Neil Murren

I watch “Dark Knight Rises” prior to a good workout.

Katherine Belou headshot

Katherine Belou

Lexie is the name of my beloved Chocolate Labrador.

Cameron Owens headshot

Cameron Owens

My closet is full of sneakers, 29 pairs to be exact.

Joseph Bagnerise headshot

Joseph Bagnerise

Push yourself to the limit…then to five more reps.

Joshua Massa headshot

Joshua Massa

I once broke my collarbone falling of a skateboard in NYC.

Tyra Buehner headshot

Tyra Buehner

I have an extreme coffee addiction and it worries me at times.

Charlend headshot

Charlend Howard

I have a tattoo of Boo and Kirby from Nintendo Smash Brothers.

Will Adcock headshot

Will Adcock

I have a pair of pink and blue lucky socks. I don’t wear the same pair everyday.