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Prior to contacting us, please read the FAQs to assist you in answering your questions. This will save you time by not having to wait up to 5 business days for a response from our membership team.

We have created a video with step-by-step instructions for you to watch. We also have all the directions in an easy to read section. These resources are located on the Intramural Sports page. Please visit this page to watch the video or read the instructions.

We have created a video with step by step instructions for you to watch. We also have all the directions in an easy to read section. These resources are on the GroupX page. Please visit this page to watch the video or read the instructions.

  • If you are an LSU Student of Faculty/Staff member, your IMLeagues log-in is the same as your myLSU ID without the Your password is also the same as your myLSU password. If you forget your password, you need to change it at LSU UREC is unable to assist you with changing or updating your password.
  • If you are an Alumni, Affiliate, Plus-One, Family Member, or Spouse/Dependent,we are happy to help you. Please use the “Contact Us” form below and let us know your membership type in the message.

Without a valid UREC membership, any individual who wishes to utilize UREC facilities or programs must purchase a day pass and be sponsored by a UREC member, regardless of age.

  • Individuals must present a valid government-issued photo ID in order to purchase a day pass.
  • Anyone eligible for an UREC membership may purchase a day pass with valid photo identification. Should Identification be falsified in any way, individuals can be banned from LSU UREC facilities and programs for life.
  • Individuals staying at either the Lod Cook Hotel & Conference Center or Faculty Club are allowed entry with the purchase of the $10 day pass by presenting a room key or room receipt.
  • Each guest must present valid photo identification upon entry. Members are allowed up to three (3) guests per day at the rate of $10 per guest.
  • Day passes may be purchased with cash or TigerCash.
  • The sponsor may not leave LSU UREC facilities/property without his/her guest.
  • Members are responsible for the conduct of their guest(s) and are subject to all rules and regulations affiliated with a day pass, including membership termination should their guest’s conduct warrant.
  • Under-age members (17 years of age and under) may not sponsor a guest.
  • Guests or day pass holders may not check-out equipment, make court reservations, or participate in Intramural programs.
  • Day passes will not be sold within one hour of closing time.
  • Day passes are non-transferable and non-refundable.
  • Spectators associated with facility rentals are only permitted in the UREC SRC for authorized and specials events as per the facility rental contract. Group rental participants/spectators must check in at the UREC Operations Desk to obtain the appropriate pass to enter the facility.
  • Please visit our Membership Categories and Rates page to find out who qualifies for a membership.
  • If you qualify for a UREC Membership, please visit the UREC Operations Desk to purchase a membership.

If your question was not listed above, please visit our main FAQ page.



UREC Student Recreation Complex

Mailing Address

LSU University Recreation
102 Student Recreation Complex
Baton Rouge, LA 70803

Operations Desk  225-578-8601

Equipment Desk  225-578-8364

Adventure Center  225-578-3431

Inclement Weather Hotline  225-578-7246

UREC at Nicholson

UREC at Nicholson is located in the Canal Hall residential building in the Nicholson Gateway Apartment Complex.

Operations Desk 225-578-7285

UREC Field Complex

The UREC Field Complex is located at the corner of Gourrier Street and River Road.

Desk Landline 225-578-2051

Inclement Weather Hotline  225-578-7246

Staff Directory


Laurie Braden headshot. Laurie running marathon.

Laurie Braden

Executive Director
University Recreation

John Nickerson headshot. John with Win in front of monster truck.

John Nickerson

Associate Director
Marketing, Communications & Assessment

Chandra Pidgeon headshot.

Chandra Pidgeon

Associate Director
Business Administration

Brad Wilson headshot. Brad and his family.

Brad Wilson

Associate Director
Project Management & Facility Services

Adventure Education

Caitlin Walters headshot. Caitlin canoeing

Caitlin Walters

Assistant Director
Adventure & Experiential Learning

Zach Young headshot. Zach outside camping

Zach Young

Adventure & Experiential Learning


Brittany Morriss headshot. Brittany and Chris.

Brittany Morriss

Assistant Director

Charlotte Pillaro headshot. nothing

Charlotte Pillaro



Jeff Brocato headshot. The rest of Jeff's family

Jeff Brocato

Outdoor Operations

Drew Cantwell headshot. Drew and the family.

Drew Cantwell

Assistant Director
Facility Operations

Hunter Lero headshot.

Hunter Lero


Dalton Rainwater headshot.

Dalton Rainwater

Assistant Director

Chris Vigliotta headshot. Chris standing on a rock in the mountains.

Chris Vigliotta

Facility Operations


Bre Keeton headshot. Bre after reaching the summit of Mount Bierstadt.

Bre’una Keeton

Assistant Director
Fitness & Wellness

Ethan Kerr headshot.

Ethan Kerr

Fitness & Wellness

Montse Molas headshot. Montse jumping in the air.

Montse Molas

Fitness & Wellness

Business & Marketing

Ryan Evans headshot. Ryan on stage playing guitar.

Ryan Evans

Computer Analyst III

Crystal Hebert headshot. Crystal out hiking.

Crystal Hebert


woman headshot. Jade and her parents.

Jade Newell

Marketing and Promotions

Kaci Robillard headshot. Kaci and her family.

Kaci Robillard

Student Employment

Kaci Robillard headshot. Kaci and her family.

Randy Ryder

Computer Manager

Sport Programs

Chris Morriss headshot. Also Brittany and Chris.

Chris Morriss

Assistant Director
Sport & Camp Programs

Shan headshot Shan out hiking.

Shan Paracka

Intramural Sports and Camps

Demetria Young headshot.

Demetria Young

Sport Clubs and Camps

Custodial Team

Brade headshot. Brade headshot.

Brade Anderson

Night Custodian II

Michael Banks headshot. Michael Banks headshot.

Michael Banks

Night Custodian II

Robert headshot. Robert Headshot.

Robert Baily

Day Custodian II

Jack headshot. Jack Headshot

Jack Brown

Custodian Supervisor II

Sheena headshot. Sheena Headshot.

Sheena Dunbar

Custodian Supervisor I

Clartida headshot. Clartida headshot.

Clartida Fredricks

Day Custodian II

Ryan Evans headshot. Ryan on stage playing guitar.

Linnie McKay

Night Custodian II

CharlesHebert headshot. Charles Headshot.

Charles Robinson

Evening Custodian II

Charlesheadshot. Charles Headshot

Charles Servick

Night Custodian II

Ryan Evans headshot. Ryan on stage playing guitar.

Doris Simon

Night Custodian II

Woman headshot. Crystal out hiking.

Jaleshia Wiggins

Night Custodian II


Media Requests

Media passes are needed for anyone who wants to cover a story about UREC facilities, programs or clubs. The media request form should be completed by students, LSU Media outlets or members of outside press organizations who are looking to interview, video or photograph UREC members or staff for any project. A media pass grants press access to UREC facilities to photograph and interview members. We can also assist and arrange interviews with UREC staff and experts on recreational topics.

Fill out our online form to submit a Media Request.

UREC runs content on two displays in the Student Recreation Center, one of which is available for outside submissions. UREC will run information from LSU entities (divisions, departments, student organizations). To maximize the opportunity for approval, digital slide submissions should be made at least five business days prior to when requesting to be ran.

Fill out our online form to request for displaying digital signage at UREC.

UREC will post information from LSU entities (divisions, departments, student organizations) on the “Community Bulletin Board” located near the entrance to the Gymnasium. Please submit ONE copy of your flyer or poster at the UREC Student Recreation Center Operations Desk. No additional flyers or handouts will be accepted.

Packages are available for off-campus and for-profit advertisements. Please contact for details.

  • Seeking Approval – Individual(s) who seeks to film (photograph/video), interview, or conduct class projects in any University Recreation facility must be approved prior to accessing UREC facilities. Taking photos via cameras, video cameras, and cell phones is strictly prohibited in the pool, men and women’s locker rooms, and restrooms.

  • Upon Approval – Upon approval of request via the Assistant Director of Marketing, individuals should come to the Student Recreation Center Operations Desk at the time of the approved filming. A media pass will be given for the duration of the filming, and should be returned to the Operations Desk upon the completion of filming.

Fill out our online form to submit a Media Request.