GroupX Class Descriptions

GroupX Classes

Aqua Fit:

There are so many health benefits to aquatic exercise including multi-directional resistance, relieved stress on joints, muscles, and tendons than exercise on land, and the ability to use unique exercises to challenge your training! This class will help improve cardiovascular endurance, rehabilitate an injury, and improve muscular strength 4 – 12 times faster than any land-based program.


This class offering is an invigorating strength dance class that combines ballet, Pilates and other traditional movements.


The Boxmaster is a system designed for all skill levels of boxing, from beginners to the experienced.  No matter what level of boxing skill, this 30 minute workout; that is made up of 7 rounds of punching and 7 rounds of recovery, will  hit every aspect of conditioning.  If you have never heard of a Boxmaster, check out the equipment here which is new to UREC.  Did we mention this is located in the NEW Boxing Studio in the East Wing?

Cardio Kickboxing

Find your inner champion, and fight your way through a heart-pumping workout.  Come ready to push yourself to the edge and expect to learn a variety of mixed martial arts techniques in a non-contact atmosphere.  This environment will challenge, motivate, and mold you into a warrior!


Come enjoy a ride with us! Whether you’re training for a triathlon or riding for a healthier heart, our team can get you there. Feel the energy, challenge your potential, and get you to your destination.

Cycle: Coach by Color

Are you ready to take your spin experience to the next level? This brand new spin class adds a new level of intensity to your traditional cycle class. The Coach by Color training system delivers real-time, color-coded feedback to the rider on their own bike monitor. This system uses five different color zones to indicate in which work level the rider is working. Participants will get the opportunity to determine their personal FTP (Functional Threshold Power), and from there, each participant will be assigned the five colored zones to accurately coach their effort for customized results. New power, new results! Sign up today for a change to challenge your strength, endurance, and power!

Cycle Interval

Cycle is a great cross training exercise to work into your fitness routine that will challenge any fitness level.  Improve your cardiovascular fitness while having a great time.

Cycle: Tiger Beat

Come enjoy an intensely fun ride with us! This cycle class features high-intensity cardio and rhythm-based choreography. Feel the energy and move to the beat!

Guided Meditation

Consider meditation an opportunity to take a really big exhale to decrease stress and increase peace.  Expect little to no movement coupled with guided visual meditation using imagery, breath and body awareness.  Come in loose-fitting clothes and bring a small blanket or yoga towel.

Hard Core

Are you strapped for time, but looking for a way to looking for way to improve your functional strength, balance and coordination? Hard core is for you! Participants can will experience a 30-minute routine that focuses on strengthening your CORE muscles, which is made up of your abdominals, back, gluteus muscles.


High Intensity Interval Training! This 45 minute class will utilize alternating short intense periods of anaerobic exercises with less intense periods of recovery for the ultimate muscular endurance workout.

Interval Conditioning

This class is a type of cardio training that incorporates high-intensity bouts of cardio, strength, endurance, and power.  Classes will be held in the Studio C, under the social stair case, where participants will be introduced to new types of equipment and workouts.

Minute Madness

In this minute interval class you will be challenged with high intensity exercises using steps, weights, bands, and balls followed by active recovery for a full 30 minute session. Challenge your strength and cardio in this class as you build your body to strong endurance levels!


Focus on improving overall core strength and stability, and in return, you will have better posture, stronger core muscles and stronger buttocks.  This  low to moderate intense class is great to work into any workout regiment and a way to lengthen the body after sitting all day.

Pop N Plyo

One of UREC’s most popular classes back by popular demand.  This unique class is a combination of dancing, cardio, plyometrics, body weight exercises in a high energy environment that will leave you wanting to come back for more.

Power Yoga

This upbeat and positive yoga class will tone, strengthen, and stretch your body all in one. Power Yoga holds poses longer to increase strength, flexibility, and balance.  Push your mental and physical limits by attempting arm balances and inversions.  Prior yoga experience is recommended, but not required.

Street Beats

Multiple styles of transnational urban music and dance, including U.S., Caribbean, African, and Asian, create one of our most energetic and fun dance classes that will challenge even the most fit participants.

Sunrise Yoga

Awaken your mind and body first thing in the morning in this Hatha Yoga class.   An open environment encourages exploration of the body and spirit  where asanas (poses) and pranayama (breath control) is the main focus.

Synergy Circuits

Pump it up for Synergy Circuits!! In this circuit class participants will learn how to use more than 13 pieces of equipment to strengthen, build and improve all levels of physical fitness. These demonstrations will help show how to use, and optimize the 2nd Floor Functional Training Space and provide a workout only built for Tigers. Meet us at the 2nd Floor Functional Training Space and have your game face ready to GEAUX!

Tiger Pump

Using lighter weights and more repetitions in this strength training class will sculpt all your body’s major muscle groups.  Equipment such as weights, bands, body bars, and stability balls are incorporated to strengthen all muscles for every day movements.

Tiger FIt Conditioning

In this brand new class participants will workout in a class designed to build muscle and challenge endurance. While circuiting through 9 exercises for 45 seconds a certified instructor will take you through a 45 minute circuit designed to take your traditional total body workout to new heights!

Tiger Theory

Our Tiger Theory class is a unique class designed with an emphasis on high intensity cardio and  strength training. Through utilization of various different types of cardio equipment and  resistance training you will be sure to increase your muscle endurance, strength, and cardiovascular capacity. Try it out today!

Total Body

Get your heart rate up with this full body strength class that will incorporate training exercises for the entire body.

TRX® Total Body

TRX® Suspension Training provides a total body strengthening workout focused on using your own body weight.  This challenging experience is guaranteed to provide results that will show why this training system is so popular with professional athletes, like Drew Breeze.

Queenax Boost

This 30 minute goal-oriented program is for the time- sensitive exerciser. The super functional tri-plex total body workout format encourages fitness gains in a limited time.

Queenax Metabolic Fit

Metabolic Fit is a goal oriented program for people seeking a lean and fit body. Intensity is kind in this program, that focuses on high calorie expenditure and lean body mass development through intense work bouts followed by rest periods.

Queenax Total Body

This newly designed total body workout will incorporate many different exercises on the new Queenax that will not only give you an amazing workout, but will help decrease the probability of injuries from normal everyday activities. Participants will gain improved stamina, strength, balance, and endurance..

Vinyasa Flow

Move forward in your yoga journey by using breathing and movement to cleanse your internal body.  Ujjayi Breathing connects the flow and transition between a variety of sun salutation and warrior poses to create a wonderful workout.

Yoga on the Deck

Join us as we begin this practice with an opportunity to awaken our bodies in the outdoor environment! In this class participants will truly feel at one with the world around us as they perform their yoga practice on our new mind body patio.  An open environment encourages the exploration of the body and spirit. Poses, breath control, and the strengthening of each muscle will be the main focus.

Yoga for Relaxation

Find your inner Chi and bring yourself back to reality.  This judgement free atmosphere will help lengthen and stretch those tired muscles to recover from whatever the week threw at you.


Zumba class combines high energy, motivating music with unique and easy to follow dance moves.  Every instructor incorporates their own latin-based dance flare.  After your first class you will understand why there is so much hype around these dance classes where no experience is required.


Reserve your spot online!

Click here to reserve your spot in GroupX classes. Registration for all GroupX classes will open at 12:00 p.m. the day before the class, and will close one hour prior to class start time, or 4:00 p.m., whichever comes first.

Registered participants must arrive to class 10 minutes in advance of the class to guarantee their spot in the class.

What if the class I prefer is full?

Each class has a maximum class registration with waitlist spots available.

  • If a class is full and the participant signs up for the waitlist, the participant on the waitlist will be automatically moved on to the roster if space becomes available. The participant will be notified by email.
  • If a participant remains on the waitlist, they must come to the class ten minutes prior to its start time to see if any available spots have opened. A non-registered participant may show up for a class ten minutes prior but is not guaranteed a spot. Waitlist participants will not be allowed into a class until 9 minutes prior to the start of a class.

Nobody will be allowed to enter a class after it has begun. This is for your safety and the safety of other participants.

Minimum class size & cancellations

If a UREC GroupX class has not met minimum participation, the class time will be reduced to 30 minutes or will be canceled for that day. If a specific class has three or fewer participants for three consecutive weeks, the class will be canceled for the remainder of the semester.