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Is there more than one entrance to access the Student Recreation Center?

Yes, there are two entrances into the building. In addition, the outdoor pool will have a seasonal access point.



Does UREC have an outdoor pool?

UREC has an outdoor leisure river in the shape of “LSU” as well as 2 outdoor lap pools with 8 total lanes.

Is there a Climbing Area at UREC?

Yes, UREC has a 35′ climbing wall that spans two stories in an open area in the center of the SRC.  Additionally, there is a bouldering area.

Does the facility feature an indoor track?

UREC has an indoor running track just under a 1/3 mile in length, spanning 2 levels of the building.

Is there a Smoothie King inside UREC?

Yes, we really like Smoothie King, too!

Is there space for open recreation on the indoor courts?

Yes, UREC has 8 total gymnasium courts.  2 multi-activity courts and 6 wood courts.  Please see the “Open Rec Schedule” for more details on scheduled events.  If nothing is scheduled, you can use this space for whatever sport you like.

Is there an indoor lap pool at UREC?

Yes, the indoor pool  has 8 lanes to provide indoor swimming and special programming.

Are there lockers available for members to use?

Yes, there are day lockers throughout the facility and also in the locker rooms that members can use.  Semester lockers are also available to rent on a semesterly basis.



How old is the current Student Recreation Center?

The current Student Recreation Center opened in 1992.


Is there parking available for members of UREC to use?

UREC has free 2-hour parking and a total of 344 spaces by the UREC Tennis Courts.  There is also other parking available around UREC that requires specific parking passes that can be obtained from Parking and Transportation Services.


Recreation Space

How many square feet is UREC ?

The UREC has approximately 250,000 sq. ft. of recreation space that includes cardio equipment, weight equipment, functional training space, studios, classrooms, climbing area, and indoor courts.

What is the nationally accepted recreation space per person?

NIRSA: Leaders in Collegiate Recreation, has established that the nationally accepted standard for indoor recreation space is 9 square feet per student.

What is UREC's square foot/student?

Recreation space at LSU is approximately 9.5/person.


UREC Memberships

I am or I am going to be a full time student. How do I obtain a membership?

All full time students pay for a membership through their student fees each semester, and all you need to enter UREC is your Tiger Card.