Reservations & Rentals

Court Reservations

Courts available for reservation: racquetball (eight courts), tennis (nine courts), and squash (one court). Reservations for all courts must be made within 24 hours of your desired reservation time.

Court reservations are for one hour blocks.  Back-to-back court reservations or multiple reservations in the same day are not allowed.  This is to ensure all UREC members have the same opportunity to reserve courts.

Court reservations will be honored up until 5 minutes after reservation time. At that point in time available courts will be first-come, first-served.

Online Court Reservation Help & Policies

Meeting Space

LSU UREC has the space to accommodate groups both small and large in order to host meetings, meals, receptions, classes, or other functions.

Activity Space

UREC has a variety of different areas ideal for events, fitness activities, and sporting events. UREC offers facility space specialized for activities including tournaments, competitions, fitness, dance, concerts, expos, exhibitions, and both indoor and outdoor events.

  • Gym Courts
  • Racquetball Courts
  • Squash Courts
  • Studios A & B
  • Tennis Courts

Outdoor Field Space

LSU UREC has field space available for rental at the UREC Field Complex, located at River Rd. This complex includes stadium lighting and fields may be configured for most sports including football, soccer, softball, kickball, rugby, and lacrosse. Locker rooms, restrooms, and meeting space are conveniently located within the complex.

Rental Policies & Guidelines

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  • All student groups renting the gym courts for a tournament that is open to the public will be required have a minimum of one security guard on duty at the event at all times.
  • Additionally, University Recreation reserves the right to determine which events outside of tournaments will need a minimum of one security guard for that event.
  • Security must be handled by the LSU Police Department.
  • There will be no exceptions to this policy unless approved by the Assistant Director- Facility Operations, Associate Director- Operations & Project Management, or the Executive Director.

Participation, Staff, and Spectators

  • If the event is going to be open to non-UREC members then the group renting the facility must provide a list of all non-UREC members participating prior to the start of the event.  If the event allows for same day registration then the group must provide one person to assist our staff in allowing these individuals to enter the facility.
  • All non-UREC participants must check in with our operations desk (staff) or designated individual and must sign our participation agreement. The group renting the facility must assign at least one individual to assist with the process at their designated entrance.
  • Spectators for the event are allowed to enter the facility at no charge but must check in/sign in at the operations desk (staff) or designated individual. They will be given a stamp or other identification to show that they are here to be a spectator for the event only. This policy pertains to any event that allows spectators and takes place in any UREC facility.


  • Payment is due within (10) days after the invoice has been generated.
  • Rental rates are based on time used.
  • Any Group charging a spectator admission fee will be invoiced 10% of their total gate revenue. UREC will assign an employee for assistance with all entrance admissions.
  • All Groups are subject to additional set-up, supervisory, equipment and custodial fees as necessary (i.e. Out of pocket expenses).

Cancellation Policy

  • Any reservation cancellation must be submitted to the Assistant Director of Facility Operations in writing.
    • If the event is canceled more than 14 business days prior to the event no costs are due.
    • If the event is canceled during 7 business day range prior to the event, 50% of estimated costs are due.
    • If the event is canceled less than 2 business days prior to the event, 100% of costs are due.
  • Any events that are canceled due to acts of God, UREC Conflict, or any reason deemed valid by the Assistant Director of Facilities, will be allowed to cancel or postpone their event with no penalty

The Department of University Recreation reserves the right to deny any facility rental request based on the type of request, the hours requested, the space requested and any other type of request that does not coincide with the mission of LSU UREC.

For any questions about reservations, please contact LSU UREC Rentals.