Climbing Area

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Climbing Hours


Monday – Thursday: 3:00 – 8:00 p.m.

Friday: 3:00 – 7:00 p.m.

Saturday & Sunday: 12:00 – 6:00 p.m.

UREC Climbing Rules and Regulations

Climbing Area - Rules

  1. Patrons must check in at climbing area desk before entering the climbing area.
  2. No loose chalk.
  3. Closed toed shoes required.
  4. Socks must be worn with rental shoes.
  5. Do not climb directly over other participants.
  6. Patrons may not move or create hand or foot holds.
  7. Only spill-resistant and shatter-proof drinking bottles are allowed in the climbing area.
  8. Personal belongings should be stored in a day-use locker.
  9. Patrons must pass the belay test before belaying other climbers.
  10. Only one climber per rope lane on the climbing tower.
  11. Spotting is encouraged for patrons bouldering. Down climbing is preferred!
  12. Only two active climbers per seven feet (width) in the bouldering zone.
  13. Patrons are not permitted to boulder above 12 feet, at hand height.
  14. Any accident / incident must be reported immediately to the nearest UREC staff.
  15. UREC staff hold the right to suspend climbing area privileges at any time.

Top Rope / Lead Area - Rules and Regulations

  1. Patrons must use proper “climbing commands” before climbing.
  2. Patrons must perform a proper “toe-2-toe” check before climbing.
  3. Patrons must utilize the PBUS (Pull, Break, Under, Slide) method when belaying.
  4. Belay devices must be attached to the participant’s harness by means of a locking carabiner.
  5. Patrons are not permitted to climb above top rope anchors.
  6. Only the Figure-eight follow-through knot is to be used to tie-in climbers.
  7. All lead climbing patrons must perform and pass the lead climbing test and skills check with competency before lead climbing.
  8. Patrons will use a provided harness, or a harness that has been examined by the climbing area staff to determine its suitability. Personal gear must be either CE or UIAA certified.
  9. Patrons must belay with CE or UIAA certified belay devices. Figure 8 devices are not to be used in the climbing area.
  10. Patrons are not permitted to share rental gear.
  11. Inform UREC staff of any loose, broken, or missing holds immediately.
  12. Climbing lessons-in-progress have priority use of wall areas. Staff may ask patrons to move to another area at any time.
  13. Personal training of patrons, either individually or in a group, is only allowed under the supervision UREC climbing area staff.

Bouldering Area - Rules and Regulations

  1. No topping out – climbing on top of the bouldering zone wall – in the bouldering zone.
  2. Seamless flooring is designed for “feet first” impact. Down climbing is always recommended.
  3. Participants are encouraged to always utilize a spotter when on the bouldering wall.
  4. Bouldering is not permitted in the top rope area.
  5. Personal belongings are not permitted on the bouldering area landing surface.

Any violation of the rules and regulations listed above may result in removal/suspension from UREC facilities and/or activities and may result in referral to police and the Office of Student Conduct.