Class Projects & Media/Marketing Requests

UREC welcomes students and media members to cover stories about UREC facilities, programs, or clubs.  We ask that you fill out a media request form prior to your arrival. Please allow 48 hours for the approval/denial of filming.

Media Requests for Class Projects or News Stories

Media passes are needed for anyone who wants to cover a story about UREC facilities, programs or clubs.  The media request form should be completed by students, LSU Media outlets or members of outside press organizations who are looking to interview, video or photograph UREC members or staff for any project. A media pass grants press access to UREC facilities to photograph and interview members. We can also assist and arrange interviews with UREC staff and experts on recreational topics.

Click here to submit a Media Request.


Digital Displays

UREC runs content on two displays in the Student Recreation Center, one of which is available for outside submissions. UREC will run information from LSU entities (divisions, departments, student organizations). To maximize the opportunity for approval, digital slide submissions should be made at least five business days prior to when requesting to be ran.

Click here to submit request for displaying digital signage at Student Rec Center.


Bulletin Boards

UREC will post information from LSU entities (divisions, departments, student organizations) on the “Community Bulletin Board” located near the entrance to the Gymnasium. Please submit ONE copy of your flyer or poster at the UREC Student Recreation Center Operations Desk. No additional flyers or handouts will be accepted.



Packages are available for off-campus and for-profit advertisements. Please contact for details.