Camp & Canoe: Black Creek

Part of the DeSoto National Forest, this creek is one of a kind tucked away in southern Mississippi. The creek is clear to the eye, distinctly marked by a caramel color from decaying vegetation. The water is cool and crisp, joining further downstream to the rest of the Pascagoula River system. It is so beautiful that the federal government even stepped in to preserve it, covering it with the Wild and Scenic River Act. Join us as we camp along the picturesque beaches between the lush trees and along the flowing waters. This overnight trip is a treat, as we will relax and enjoy this hidden gem.


  • Date: November 9-11
  • Price: $60/$75
  • Registration deadline: 11/5 at noon
  • No prior experience necessary

What’s Included: Transportation, food, camping gear, canoes

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