Bouldering League

two members climbing rock wall

Event Info

  • League Dates: 10/15  – 11/19
  • Leagues: Open
  • Location: UREC Climbing Area
  • Captain’s Meeting: 10/11 – 6:00-7:00 pm

Registration Info

  • Registration dates: 9/23 – 10/10
  • Price: $25


Rule One: Eligibility and Facility
  1. Eligibility
    • This activity will be conducted according to standard eligibility rules as set forth in the current LSU University Recreation’s Intramural Sports Participant Handbook.
  2. Facility
    • All reported climbs will take place within in the Climbing Area inside the UREC facility.
  3. Climbing Area Rules
Rule Two: Division Composition
  1. Weekly Sessions
    • Teams will select a designated weekly time to come and compete for points
    • Teams must have at least four (4) team members present to compete
    • A maximum of six (6) team members are allowed to record scores weekly
    • Teams will compete against all other teams participating in the bouldering league
  2. Final Competition
    • The final competition will feature three separate divisions: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced.
    • Each division is separated based on individuals climbing class: Beginner (up to V2), Intermediate (V2 – V5), and Advanced (V5 and higher).
    • Climbers will decide which division they would like to enter based on experience and preference.
      • Any climber who is deemed to be intentionally climbing in a division below their skill level will be bumped up to the next division
    • Each division will have four to six routes to choose from to climb.
    • A male and female winner will be selected from each division.
Rule Three: Equipment
  1. Equipment including Climbing Shoes and Climbing Harness will be provided at the UREC Climbing Area.
  2. Personal equipment is permitted once approved by climbing area staff prior to climbing.
Rule Four: Climbing
  1. Weekly Sessions
    • Climbers will be able to climb as many times within a two hour period one day a week.
    • Each climber on a team will be allowed to record one ascent per route per session they participated in.
    • Climbers may only submit four (4) routes for points per week.
    • Climbs completed during competition sessions will be self-reported.
  2. Final Competition
    • Climbers will climb based upon the division selected at the beginning of the final competition.
    • Climbers may attempt each problem as many times as desired, but only top score per route will be taken into account for scoring purposes.
    • Climbers will be allowed to climb as many time as possible within a five minute window per designated section of bouldering wall.
    • There will be no allotted route preview time for any climbing wall section, allotted time for attempts includes preview time.
Rule Five: Scoring
  1. Weekly Sessions
    • Climbers are allowed to record no more than four (4) ascents per week for points.
      • Climbers may only record one (1) ascent per route per week for points
    • Climbers will self-report their climbs.
      • Climbers will pick up a scoring sheet when they check in at the Climbing Area desk, record their ascents, and return the scoring sheet at the end of their session.
      • All scoring sheets must be approved by a designated adventure stand present during the session.
    • Scoring will be done using the V-Max Handicap System:
      • Setting your V-Max: Think of the highest grade you have been able to complete recently with some regularity. That will be your “Max V”. Your points are then derived from that baseline.
        • Example: a V5 climber who climbs a V5 receives 100 points, if they climb a V4 then they receive 80 points and a V6 would be at 120 points. With the Handicap System, any climber who climbs a boulder that is the same grade as their V-Max will receive 100 points. This allows climbers of all abilities to earn points in equal measure for their team. Our table only goes to two grades above your current V-Max in order to discourage cheating (sandbagging).
      • Climbers are able to change their V-Max score once during the bouldering league.
    • See table below for breakdown of V-Max scoring.
V-MAX Climbed: V0 Climbed: V1 Climbed: V2 Climbed: V3 Climbed: V4 Climbed: V5 Climbed: V6 Climbed: V7 Climbed: V8 Climbed: V9
V1 80 pts 100 pts 120 pts 140 pts
V2 60 pts 80 pts 100 pts 120 pts 140 pts
V3 40 pts 60 pts 80 pts 100 pts 120 pts 140 pts
V4 20 pts 40 pts 60 pts 80 pts 100 pts 120 pts 140 pts
V5 0 pts 20 pts 40 pts 60 pts 80 pts 100 pts 120 pts 140 pts
V6 0 pts 0 pts 20 pts 40 pts 60 pts 80 pts 100 pts 120 pts 140 pts
V7 0 pts 0 pts 0 pts 20 pts 40 pts 60 pts 80 pts 100 pts 120 pts 140 pts
V8 0 pts 0 pts 0 pts 0 pts 20 pts 40 pts 60 pts 80 pts 100 pts 120 pts
V9 0 pts 0 pts 0 pts 0 pts 0 pts 20 pts 40 pts 60 pts 80 pts 100 pts


2. Final Competition

  • Points will be predetermined for routes, and indicated at the start of each route.
    • Climbers will be awarded partial points for getting to the halfway mark, and full points for getting to the top.
    • To receive points at the midway mark climbers must control the marked hold, and touch the next hold.
    • To receive full points climbers must reach the marked top hold and match (touch it with both hands) to show control.
  • Use of holds that are not on route will be considered an attempt and no points will be awarded for that attempt.
  • A male and female winner will be declared from each division based on top two scores submitted from climber.
  • In the event of a tiebreaker, a winner will be determined by verifying which climber had fewer attempts, or a climb off.
Rule Six: General Rules
  1. All participants must abide by the Climbing Wall rules posted both in the UREC Climbing Wall Area and stated above in these rules.
  2. Any climber who falls will be immediately be lowered to the ground and an attempt will be added to their score.
  3. Climbers will need to be courteous of other climbers in the competition.
  4. Any climber found to be in violation of or attempting to violate the competition rules is subject to removal from the competition.