Think your post graduation job search is tough? Try biking 4000+ miles.

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Taylor Reeves is a senior at LSU and is a member of the LSU Women’s Lacrosse team. Instead of franticly job searching after graduation, she will utilize her passion for adventure. Taylor is traveling with a group of college-aged students on a 70-day, 4000+mile ride from Baltimore to Portland. The goal of this journey is to raise money and awareness for the Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults. Read below to learn more about her experience.

1.What are you most looking forward to on this 4,000 mile ride? Each morning we begin with a dedication circle, where we write who we will be riding 100+ miles for that day on the back of our legs (similar to triathlon racing numbers). I look forward to this opportunity to challenge myself for those of my family and friends who are battling cancer, as well as those who have been victims of bike related incidents and are unable to bike alongside me. Specifically, I will be dedicating many of my rides to a good friend and great mentor, Zach Wood. I hope to raise awareness not only about cancer in young adults, but also the importance of bike safety.

2. What sparked your interest in getting involved in the 4K for life? Life begins at the end of your comfort zone. I knew before beginning this next chapter, I wanted to go against the grain and avoid the typical post graduation routine, and participate in something more adventurous, challenging, and impactful. I heard about 4K from some alumni and immediately fell in love with everything the program stands for. I hit the ground running and haven’t looked back since!

3. What is your greatest fear you have for this journey? Besides not being able to fit in my jeans, I’ll be praying for my team’s safety. The lack of education regarding bike safety in Baton Rouge has made me acutely aware of the risk I’m taking in biking through many unfamiliar states and major highways.

IMG_49954. What steps will you take to overcome any obstacles that are presented? I know there will be unforeseen challenges and my body will be tested physically, emotionally and mentally. My plan of action is to simply put one front in front of the other…or wheel I guess.

5. How will you prepare your body from now until this summer to prepare for the trip? I plan to cross train as much as possible between lacrosse practices and games. The first couple of weeks we’ll be climbing the Appalachian Mountains, which in itself will be tough no matter how much I train below sea level.

6. 4,000 is A LOT of miles. Do you have a mantra to keep you inspired? “There is no passion to be found playing small – in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of.” – Nelson Mandela (I’m a sucker for Pinterest quotes). Based on the overwhelming amount of support thus far, I have no doubt I’ll continuously meet inspirational people on my trek across America.

7. Any advice to people who are thinking of doing something similar? 75% of a long race, like a marathon, is mental. You can push your body farther than you think. I highly recommend it, especially to young women because it is an exhilarating and empowering experience.

8. What’s one of your favorite memories from college? In the 2015 TWILL Women’s Lacrosse Championships, our team went wild when our newest defensive recruit scored her first goal. This was even crazier than when we actually won the division title game for the first time in school history. In only four years, that’s the kind of team we’ve built here at LSU, and I couldn’t be more proud to be a part of it. 

9. What is your go-to workout snack? Coffee + Banana + Peanut Butter = My Main Food Groups

10. Favorite pump-up song? Flawless by Beyoncé (let’s be real…anything by Beyoncé)

We’re proud to consider Taylor a part of the #URECfam, and we wish you the best of luck! If you would like to find out more about her journey or want to help her cause visit her website.

Lauren LeBlanc // UREC Marketing Assistant