Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


Facility FAQs

Yes, there are two entrances into the building. In addition, the outdoor pool will have a seasonal access point.
UREC has an outdoor leisure river in the shape of “LSU” as well as 2 outdoor lap pools with 8 total lanes.
Yes, UREC has a 35′ climbing wall that spans two stories in an open area in the center of the SRC. Additionally, there is a bouldering area.

Currently, reservations are required to use the climbing area.

UREC has an indoor running track just under a 1/3 mile in length, spanning 2 levels of the building.
Yes, we really like Smoothie King, too!
Yes, UREC has 8 total gymnasium courts. 2 multi-activity courts and 6 wood courts. Please see the “Open Rec Schedule” for more details on scheduled events. If nothing is scheduled, you can use this space for whatever sport you like.

Currently, there is limited open recreation on the East Courts and West Courts. Visit our Open Recreation hours to see weekly times and updates.

Yes, the indoor pool has 8 lanes to provide indoor swimming and special programming.
Yes, there are day lockers throughout the facility and also in the locker rooms that members can use. Semester lockers are also available to rent on a semester basis.
UREC opened its doors in 1992, and renovated and expanded the facility to 250,000 square feet in 2017.

LSU Parking and Transportation Services is responsible for all parking on the LSU Campus, including the parking around UREC. Zone 2, Zone 3, X lot, handicap, and motorcycle lots are in proximity to UREC. Please review the LSU interactive map, and navigate to “Parking and Transportation” for more information.

The UREC has approximately 250,000 sq. ft. of recreation space that includes cardio equipment, weight equipment, functional training space, studios, classrooms, climbing area, and indoor courts.
NIRSA: Leaders in Collegiate Recreation, has established that the nationally accepted standard for indoor recreation space is 9 square feet per student.
Recreation space at LSU is approximately 9.5/person.
All full time students pay for a membership through their student fees each semester, and all you need to enter UREC is your Tiger Card.

Intramural Sport FAQs

LSU UREC offers individuals a chance to register for all sports. Participants hoping to join a team are encouraged to sign up as a free agent through IMLeagues. After free agent lists have been formed, captains will be able to access your information if they are looking to pick up extra players. If enough free agents exist, a free agent team may be created.
Team captains should sign their teams up on IMLeagues. After the captain has created the team, he/she can then invite players to join the roster. Players then go and add themselves to the roster to complete the team.

Information on the sports offered during each semester can be found on the LSU UREC Intramural Sports webpage.

All participants must present a valid LSU Tiger Card or LSU UREC membership card before each contest. The Tiger Card must remain on-site for the duration of the game. The Intramural staff reserves the right to perform random ID checks throughout the night.
In the fall and spring semesters, the following individuals are eligible to participate in Intramural Sports: Currently enrolled full-time, activity-fee paying students Currently enrolled part-time students* Spouses/partners of currently enrolled, activity-fee paying students* Faculty and Staff and their spouses/partners* University employees and their spouses/partners* Employees of affiliated University employers* *Must purchase a UREC membership to participate. For the Intramural Sports occurring in the Summer semester, anyone eligible for a UREC membership may participate without paying membership fees. Summer Intramural Sports participants are not required to hold a current membership, but they must be eligible for a membership per one of UREC’s membership categories.

If you tried registering an account with IMLeagues but it states you’re ineligible, email your full name and 89# for assistance.

UREC expects all Intramural Sports participants to conduct themselves in a sportsmanlike manner. Sportsmanship points (0-4) are awarded to teams during each contest, based on how teams conduct themselves during their respective game or match. In the playoffs, winning teams receiving less than a 2.0 will be reviewed by the Sports Program Staff to determine if they advance.
To qualify, teams must have a 2.5 sportsmanship rating average and no more than 1 forfeit or default.
There are no fields or courts designated for individuals to reserve for practice, however all facilities are available on a first come, first served basis when they are open.
The team captain must make any protest involving rule interpretation to the Sport Supervisor at the time of which the incident in question occurs. Once a situation has passed, however, it is no longer subject to change or protest. For more information on protests, please review the Intramural Sports Participant Handbook.
Players may not be dropped from any roster after they have participated in a game. Only people appearing on a roster, but never having played in a game, may switch rosters. Participating on multiple rosters will subject the second team to a forfeit for any contests in which the ineligible person played.
All ejected players must meet with the Sport Programs Staff before he or she is permitted to participate in any UREC activity or facility. Ejected players are prohibited from participating in any LSU UREC activity until they have had their reinstatement meeting and (possibly) served a suspension. Suspensions to be served will not begin until AFTER the reinstatement meeting.
A default occurs when a team captain contacts the LSU UREC Leagues Office in advance (by 12:00 p.m. the day of the game) to inform them that their team will be unable to attend their contest . The game is recorded as a loss but no further action takes place. A forfeit occurs when a team does not have the minimum number of players present and legally signed in at game time. In this case, the game is forfeited. The team receives a loss and a sportsmanship rating of 2.0, while a $20 forfeit charge is assessed to the team captain. The team is removed from the league after forfeiting a second time but is not charged a second time. Teams that do not respond to the staff after forfeiting may be subject to immediate removal from the league.
The size of team rosters are unlimited. Participants may participate on ONE Men’s/Women’s team and one CoRec team.
Only protests based on questions of player eligibility and rule interpretation (when misinterpretation affects the outcome of the game) will be accepted. Protests that challenge judgment calls made by the officials or League Supervisors will not be accepted.
Intramural sports are normally held at UREC and the UREC Field Complex on River Rd. Some special events may take place off-campus and will require the participants to provide their own participation. Games typically take place 5:00 – 11:00 p.m. Sunday through Thursday. Campus transit can be contacted for shuttle service at 225.578.5555 between 5:30 p.m. and 3:00 a.m.
Yes. Many officials participate not only in the sports they officiate, but also in other Intramural Sports. However, we do ask that you set aside at least 9-12 hours a week to work for Intramural Sports. Email Sport Programs at if you have any additional questions.

Tiger’s Den FAQs

Check out our website for up-to-date listings of current camp offerings, registration, and contact information. For specific questions, please contact Tiger’s Den directors at or call (225) 578-7029.

Registration closes the Wednesday before the first day of camp the following week or when the program fills, so please make sure to register early to ensure your child’s spot.
Tiger’s Den mostly offers on-campus field trips. However, plans are being made to offer field trips to local Baton Rouge attractions. Information about potential fields trips will be announced in the Spring 2020 semester.
Camp will begin and end in the West Gym. Many activities are held in the gym and studios, but campers will be lead throughout our facility to participate in a variety of program that the UREC has to offer.
  • Camp Hours: 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
  • Early Drop Off (Additional $10/week): 7:30 a.m. – 8:00 a.m.
  • Drop Off: 8:00 a.m. – 9:00 a.m.
  • Pick Up: 4:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.
  • Late Pick Up (Additional $10/week): 5:00 p.m. – 5:30 p.m.
  • Lunch and snacks will be provided during summer camp. Snack will only be provided during Winter Camp, and campers will be required to bring their own food. For special food accommodations, please contact Tiger’s Den directors at

    The Parent Handbook is a valuable resource that all families should review prior to attending camp. Click here to view the handbook or email Tiger’s Den directors at

  • If canceled 10 days prior to the session – $10 administration fee.
  • If cancelled three to nine days prior to first day of the session start date – 50% of registration fee will be refunded.
  • If cancelled two or less days prior to first day of the session start date – No refund will be given.
  • No, but LSU students, faculty, staff, and affiliates receive priority registration times and prices. Tiger’s Den is open to all others after the priority registration period is finished.

    UREC takes all major credit cards and personal checks. Payment plans can be made with FACTS Payment Plan.

    Camp includes a wide variety of activities based around themes assigned to each week. Campers can expect to participate in relay races, swimming, arts and crafts and outdoor activities.
    Children aged 6 – 12 are eligible to attend Tiger’s Den.
    • Counselors are responsible for ensuring a safe environment and positive camp experience for all campers. Counselors are current college students or recent graduates.
    • Counselors complete an extensive training prior to the start of camp, which focuses on topics such as child behavior and development, discipline, incident prevention, rules and regulations, and certification in First Aid/CPR/AED for Adult, Child, & Infant by the American Red Cross.
    • All staff, including Director and Counselors, must pass a background check to be employed with Tiger’s Den.
    LSU Summer Camp Base Rate = $200, Registration begins April 1
    LSU students, faculty, staff, and affiliate Summer Camp Rate = $180, Priority Registration period begins March 1
    LSU Winter Camp Rate = $40, Registration begins October. 1
    LSU students, faculty, staff, and affiliate Summer Camp Rate = $40, Registration begins October 1
    Children should come dressed for a full day of activity. We recommend activity clothes and athletic shoes. Open-toed shoes will not be permitted. Campers should bring items in a well-marked backpack or athletic bag. Conduct University Recreation reserves the right to dismiss a camper if their behavior jeopardizes the others campers’ safety and well-being.

    Swim School FAQs

    Yes, Swim School registration is open to all. LSU students, UREC Members, and LSU Affiliates receive discounted pricing. LSU affiliates must register in person at UREC.

    Participants should arrive 5-10 minutes early and ready to swim. Guardians are encouraged to take their children to the restroom prior to the start of their lessons. Individual changing rooms are available directly off of the outdoor pool deck and in the front lobby.

    The only thing required of your child is proper swim attire. Goggles and a towel, as well as sunscreen prior to the lesson, are highly recommended. Please note, some classes require children to submerge their face in the water without the use of goggles. It is also recommended to tie hair back or use a swim cap to avoid distractions for swimmers with longer hair. If a child requires a diaper, it needs to be a swim diaper with an elastic cover over the swim diaper.

    If there is a schedule conflict or unforeseen occurrence which causes a missed lesson, participants have the option of making up that lesson at 5 p.m. on the last Friday of their session. Inclement weather is not cause for a make-up, as Swim School will be moved to the indoor pool.

    This is UREC’s way of showing appreciation to our swim school participants and up to four members of their immediate family. Fun Friday will be held in the Leisure River from 2-5 p.m. on the Fridays of your registered session. All attendees will need to sign our participation agreement, which can be done during the week or the day of at either operations desk. If inclement weather occurs, Fun Friday will be cancelled with no make up time.

    Participant’s parent/guardian have the option of registering in-person at UREC or online through our website. We recommend your child is present during registration to obtain a photo for their system profile, but it is not required. As you register, you will provide the required information, sign our participation agreements, and submit payment for one or multiple sessions throughout the summer.

    Parking is located in the northeast “B” lot on the backside of the building, near the Adventure boathouse, behind the fraternity and sorority houses. The Swim School entrance to the building is right off of that lot and closest to the outdoor pools. LSU parking regulations are not enforced after 5 p.m.

    Swim School will still take place. While lessons will normally in the outdoor pool, Swim School will be moved to our indoor pool during inclement weather.

    Starfish and Seahorse (Parent & Me) classes require guardian participation. During more advanced classes, it is recommended to have limited spectators at a reasonable distance to avoid participant being distracted during class. If a child requires a bathroom break, or needs to exit the pool for any reason, we ask that guardians remain close to assist with the process. Be sure you have your swimming gear ready for Fun Fridays.

    Every student has different comfort levels, physical strength, and learning speeds. For this reason, there is no guarantee on the time it will take for a participant to move through the program. They will increase their comfort level, knowledge of water safety, work on former skills, develop new skills, and have some fun along the way. Guardians are provided with course information so they know what their swimmer is practicing.

    FACTS Payment System FAQs


    FACTS is a payment plan that is administered by FACTS Management. This payment option replaces payroll deduction and allows you to pay for services in up to 12 monthly installments.

    FACTS is available for LSU Faculty and Staff memberships and any Tiger’s Den or Swim School purchases.

    There is an annual enrollment fee of $50 for 3 or more installments, or $20 for 2 or less installments. There may also be an additional fee up to 2.85% if you use credit or debit for your payment plan. There are no additional charges when you use a checking or savings account.

    Upon purchasing your service at the UREC Service Desk, inform the UREC Employee that you would like to utilize the FACTS payment plan option. At this time, a UREC employee will complete the form and collect a digital signature. Once the form has been processed by the business office, an email notification will be sent directing you to set up the payment plan with your preferred method of payment (credit, debit, checking account, or savings account). Membership or registration isn’t complete until the online portion is set up.

    LSU is discontinuing payroll deduction as a method of payment.

    The FACTS payment plan can be utilized for Tiger’s Den camp, memberships, locker rentals, personal training, and swim lessons.

    The installments each month will not be taken directly from your paycheck. They will be processed on the 1st of each month using the payment method you enter when you set up your payment plan.

    Please contact Crystal Hebert, UREC Business Manager at